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After years of working in the "traditional" addiction recovery field, we found ourselves frustrated with "cookie cutter" mentality of many substance abuse treatment programs, treating clients with the same treatment plans and relying more on group therapy than individual counseling. Treatment outcomes are much lower than advertised and the cost is extremely expensive, making few able to afford them. One is expected to stop working and let go of all of life's responsibilities to go into treatment, and then for the most part, be told their only salvation is AA and NA. If one cannot afford the high cost of treatment or is unable to stop working to take care of their life's responsibilities, he or she ends up finding out it's almost impossible to find help or treatment. Because of this bleak, desperate picture Successful Recovery Solutions was founded to provide highly professional, effective, and affordable alternatives, formulated with the clients' individual needs in mind. Our services are goal oriented and personalized to meet the particular needs of the individual, maximizing a positive outcome towards long term sobriety and life fulfillment. Our story is your story, all of our staff are long term recovering addicts as well as licensed addiction professionals that will help guide and support you into long term recovery. Here's what our alumni say about their treatment experience with SRS. Click here to read their success stories.

At Successful Recovery Solutions, we are committed to providing respectful, personalized care to both those recovering from substance abuse and their families. We pride ourselves in our commitment to offering complete recovery programs no matter what your circumstance may be.

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