SRS Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery Programs

Successful Recovery Solutions offers highly-individualized and personalized Drug Addiction Recovery Programs designed to facilitate long-term sobriety. These programs are designed to accommodate one’s life responsibilities such as family and employment obligations, yet at the same time, provide effective, affordable Substance Abuse Treatment.

State-of-the-Art Technology-Assisted Communication Programs

Successful Recovery Solutions uses state-of-the-art technology-assisted communication programs to implement all of the recovery programs we offer. These include IM & Email Counseling/Correspondence, Online Chat-Based Counseling, Video-Based Counseling, Telephone Counseling & Consulting, Workbook & Other Hard Copy Literature, and more. Within our individual drug addiction recovery program, daily, weekly and monthly schedules are created as well as recovery plan objectives and goals. We then process these assignments on a weekly basis during our phone consulting sessions.

Detox Coordination and Urinalysis Program

For those needing medical detox prior to enrollment into one of our recovery programs we provide complete coordination and referral program nationally to accommodate one's need for medical detoxification and stabilization. Once stabilized the client can then enroll in one of our recovery programs and start his or her new beginning. We also provide a nationwide urinalysis program that complements our client's Recovery program.

Recovery/Life Coaching Program

An affordable option to the high cost of inpatient treatment! This program was designed for those that are motivated for change and are seeking help and guidance to get into long-term sobriety. We initiate your treatment program with an extensive phone consultation and assessment to create a personalized treatment plan for you to follow. Read more...

SRS Treatment Referral Program

For 17+ years Successful Recovery Solutions has worked closely with many substance abuse treatment centers around the country referring clients for substance abuse treatment. We have found that the proper placement of your particular needs plays a crucial role in your overall success during your treatment stay and ongoing recovery. Read more...

Intervention Program

We understand how heartbreaking and futile it is to have a loved one who is destroying their life with alcohol and or drugs and is so addicted that they cannot even see what their abuse is doing to themselves or to their loved ones. Read more...

Family Program

We designed this program with your family in mind in that addiction is a family disease and affects the whole family. It has been our experience that so many times the family feels left out of the process of healing when it comes to addiction. Read more...

Aftercare/Relapse Prevention Program

This program was designed to support those that are either continuing their care after completing substance abuse treatment or for the recovering addict that feels they need some additional support and guidance to prevent a possible relapse. Read more...

If you have any questions about the programs we offer, call us at 1-813-277-8631 or e-mail us at to learn more.